With over 25 years of beer sensory experience, we are committed to promoting good sensory practices across the whole beer market. From the largest beer brands and multi-site breweries, to independant craft producers, we have sensory solutions to suit your requirements and reduce flavour risk.


FlavorActiV’s pharmaceutical grade, GMP Flavour Standards are safe to smell, taste and drink, and can be used in almost any liquid to impart a real flavour, off-note, or taint.

The beer flavour standards were developed in FlavorActiV’s dedicated pharmaceutical facility in the UK are sold individually in packs of 5 capsules, each capsule separately blister packed to provide flavour protection and prolonged shelf life.

Shop our range of Beer Flavour Standards using the link below. We also offer a mixed flavour beer kits for those seeking a pre-selection of core beer flavour standards.

Optimising Beer Freshness

Identify actionable areas for improvement throughout the brewing process with the Micro ESR and FlavorActiV’s Beer Freshness Package.

Automate IBU measurement

The IBULyzer® is an at-line beer analyser developed by direct demand of the beer industry. The analyser automates the manual isooctane extraction method for bitterness tests on anumber of sampling points.


1 › Train

Train using FlavorActiV’s GMP Beer Flavour Standards & Kits. Our multi-lingual team provide training in over 15 languages.

2 › Calibrate

Receive regular beer proficiency kits to test your abilities. Input data into our proprietary software to benchmark your results globally.

3 › Maintain

FlavorActiV advanced training sessions and industry specific workshops will see your sensory knowledge continually grow across the range of flavour reference standards.

4 › Improve

Continual optimisation and analysis of support and package coupled with supply of GMP Flavour Standards.

ABOUT OUR BEER gmp flavour standards

Each of the 57 flavours has undergone evaluation by FlavorActiV’s Sensory Systems team as well as the Beer industry directly prior to inclusion within FlavorActiV’s latest Beer Flavour Lexicon and Library as important beer flavour reference standards.


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