Website Privacy and Collected Information


While accessing our website and other services ( we view and collect certain information about you. This to assist us in delivering our services to you in the best way possible. We collect non-personal information when visiting our website to monitor performance and help us to improve. Examples of non-personal data we will collect is as follows:

• Your geo-location, language, web browser and operating system that you used
• How you use, access our website and software
• We set cookies – to monitor your use of our website and to provide functionality for the ordering system

Personal and Private Data

FlavorActiV to conduct its business is required by law and any contracts we may have with you to collect and process specific information. This is a legal requirement of the United Kingdom to collect this information in order to do business.

The personal and private data that may be collected is defined below:

a. Personal name
b. Business address or personal address for non-business customers
c. Your telephone number
d. Your email address
e. Sensory performance data (for TVS and Sensory Proficiency Products)

This data will be processed for the following reasons:

1. For accountancy processing purposes
2. To maintain a record of our sales
3. To maintain a contact database in case we need to contact you in an emergency (product recalls)
4. For sensory proficiency activities that are processed on your (or parent company’s) behalf under a service provision contract
5. All data will be processed and stored in the UK, in an electronic format and in hardcopies.

Personal and Private Data will be held for the minimum required period by UK law before being destroyed / deleted securely or in the case of proficiency data until requested to delete it contractually by our customer/s.

Due to this personal and private data being required under law / or contract, by engaging with FlavorActiV for Goods and Services will require this information automatically – there is no choice required for consent, it must be collected. If you do not want FlavorActiV to collect or process this Personal and Private Data you will have to disengage from conducting business with FlavorActiV.

Your Rights with Your Personal and Private Data:

1. You can request a copy of the personal data we hold on you
2. You can request an update to the data that we hold on you
3. If we change or move any of the data outside the UK we will inform you
4. You have the right to erase your data – if no longer required to be kept under UK law
5. You have the right to restrict us from processing your data – if not required for UK law or contractual reasons
6. The right for that data to be portable (sent in a machine-readable format)
7. The right for the data to not be subject to automated decision making or profiling

You may at any time request us to carry out your rights as above – we will respond within 10 days of our acceptance (providing data or evidence) or refusal for the request. It is your right to complain to the supervisory authority (The Information Commissioners Office) or to seek a judicial remedy.

We will not charge for complying the above requests. However excessive (greater than 10 requests within 6 months) will incur an administration fee per additional request at £50 GBP).

Manifestly unfounded requests for data will be charged an administration fee of £50 GBP to process.

If you have a request or enquiry about personal data please email it to: you may also call our main number: +44 (0)1844 396 113

Complaints and requests will be responded to within 10 days with either an update or an outcome.

FlavorActiV Proficiency System (Tastervalidation and SPPS) Private and Personal Data Policy

Accessing the FlavorActiV Proficiency Systems (Tastervalidation and SPPS) provides the option of using personal and private data (or your sensory panel) to deliver the contracted service for you. This can be replaced with anonymous data or non-specific details managed by our customers. This data is provided by our customers at their request, FlavorActiV does not process or control this data.

This is so we can:
1. Assign access to the system
2. Collect sensory information
3. Process sensory information and provide performance results 4. Run data analysis to improve our systems to provide you with a better service

For the avoidance of doubt FlavorActiV provides the proficiency system and means of our customers recording and processing their data. FlavorActiV does not process, control or necessitate the entering of personal data by customers for the use with proficiency.

Our customers determine what data is added into our systems, how it is processed – via different options in the system and how they ensure the owners of this personal data are being informed and consent sought by them.

FlavorActiV in this case performs it’s contracted legal requirement – providing access to the service and managing the service at the behalf of customers via instruction or request. All customer data within the proficiency system remains their property at all times.

Customers must determine if they want to use personal data in the proficiency system or use anonymised data controlled by them. Customers must seek the appropriate level of consent to do so under GDPR (if applicable) and inform their employees of this.

What Private and Personal Data is Held?

All data entered into our proficiency systems is stored on a secure system, within a data centre within the UK. No data is transferred out of the UK. Data may be handled by our software partners (Bliss Systems, who are GDPR compliant) who provide technical and development support for our proficiency system and are authorised to do so on our behalf. The private and personal data that customers can optionally enter, they control and process can be the following:

1. Name
2. Email addresses
3. Gender
4. Date of Birth
5. Sensory performance data

This data is required for FlavorActiV to carry out its contracted role, to provide security records and maintenance of the system.

Your Rights to Your Personal Data As FlavorActiV are maintaining this system for our customers contractually on their behalf all requests for access, changes or updates to personal data must come through our customers directly.

If you require access to your personal data, please request it from your operational manager or sensory management who will request it from FlavorActiV directly.

Access and your rights to personal data may be applied differently depending on the country you are based in other than UK GDPR legislation. This may be reflected in the requests we receive to contractually provide data access.

Requests directly to FlavorActiV for personal data from the proficiency system will be raised with the responsible customer contact for release.

Deletion of some customer entered and managed personal data may have an adverse impact on sensory proficiency schemes and performance. Customers must carefully consider these options and will be advised by FlavorActiV if this is the case.

Access requests from sensory managers for personal data can be made via:


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