Coffee Sensory Complete Kit – WCR/SCA

Coffee Sensory Complete Kit – WCR/SCA

FlavorActiV’s Coffee Sensory Training Kit is the perfect way to hone your coffee tasting skills. The kit contains 24 aligned World Coffee Research Flavors, each in its own individual pack. With 5 capsules per pack, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore each flavour in depth.

From peapod to vanilla, this kit has everything you need to become a true coffee aficionado. So why wait? Order your Coffee Sensory Training Kit today!

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A Coffee Sensory Complete Kit containing all 24 aligned World Coffee Research Flavours. (Naming below follows WCR conventions).

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Each Coffee Sensory Complete Kit contains one pack of the following flavour standards.
– Peapod (FlavorActiV Acetaldehyde)
– Acetic
– Almond
– Apple
– Bitter
– Butyric
– Coconut
– Petroleum (FlavorActiV’s Diesel / Motor Fuel)
– Fermented
– Fresh (FlavorActiV’s Freshly Cut Grass)
– Musty/Dusty (FlavorActiV’s Geosmin)
– Floral (FlavorActiV’s Geraniol)
– Grape
– Jasmine (FlavorActiV’s Indole)
– Isovaleric
– Phenolic (FlavorActiV’s Medicinal)
– Mouldy/Damp (FlavorActiV’s Musty)
– Papery
– Brown Spice (FlavorActiV’s Phenolic)
– Pineapple
– Salty
– Sour
– Vanilla
– Musty/Earthy (FlavorActiV’s) Wet Earthy

Each pack contains 5 flavour standard capsules.

FlavorActiV GMP Flavour Standards

Only Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Flavour Standards provide sufficient quality for professional sensory panels to train and validate with.

We produce encapsulated GMP (Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice) Flavour Standards that are safe to both smell and drink. The compounds within our capsules impart the aroma, taste and mouthfeel of a specific defect or positive flavour into a beverage for the purposes of taster training, calibration and quality control.

Our individual flavour GMP Flavour Standards are sold by flavour, each flavour pack contains 5 capsules, each separately blister packaged. Our sensory kits contain a mixture of flavours, each separately blister packaged, read the product description for flavour details.

We ship globally, and have over 20 years of experience at it. Our GMP Pharmaceutical Flavour Standards are produced to the highest standards, and as such, their shelf-life is strong and their quality consistent.

FlavorActiV’s flavour centre is the world’s only pharmaceutically run facility dedicated to the production of flavour reference standards. The Flavour Centre is a state-of-the-art facility housed within the campus of world-renowned Quay Pharma near Liverpool in the U.K.

The Flavour Centre was designed by FlavorActiV from the ground up at the direct request of global customers as they looked to move away from inferior food grade ‘certified flavour standards’ to GMP Pharma, a standard that ensures safe, stable, traceable, consistent and long shelf-life products.

All FlavorActiV’s industry-leading encapsulated flavour standards are manufactured following GMP at our Flavour Centre. All aspects of manufacture are overseen by Quay Pharma who are audited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.K. Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory agency (MHRA). We also welcome customer audits.

Only FlavorActiV GMP flavour standard capsules bear our mark of authenticity.

We brand each of our capsules so that our customers know they’re getting the Pharmaceutical GMP Quality that only FlavorActiV provide.

Industry leading packaging and shelf-life

FlavorActiV flavour standards are blister packaged, which extends shelf-life and protects capsules from potential contamination. The average shelf-life of FlavorActiV flavour standards is 18 months to 4 years, depending on the flavour compounds.

We will never ship in pots or plastic packaging, here’s why…

Blister packaging protects capsules from the environment until they are ready for use. Blister packaging greatly reduces the amount of headspace for possible flavour escape. As each capsule individually blister packaged, making use of one capsule still leaves all others protected. FlavorActiV Flavour Standard packaging is 100% recyclable, as opposed to polypropylene which is not widely recycled.

Pots are semi-porous, they allow molecules to pass through and flavour to be lost, their significant headspace also adds to substantial flavour escape as a gas, even when using just one capsule all those remaining in the pot are exposed.

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