Dale Smith



Dale Smith

Originally from London but have lived and worked all over the UK and in Singapore, I trained as a Forensic Scientist with Degrees in Forensic Science and Psychology. Working at the UK’s Forensic Science Service for 7 years, specialising in the analysis of Drugs of Abuse, later in the location and recovery of latent fingermarks on evidence. My experience led to me moving into product development within the private sector – novel nanoparticle based fingerprint powders and suspensions that could be interrogated by MALDI-TOF analytical systems for contact residues containing drugs and explosive indicators.

At FlavorActiV my role is Technical Director – overseeing product development such as our GMP Flavour Standards and TVS software, research, IT systems, product quality and our focus on human / machine. I’ve been with FlavorActiV for over 10 years where my past skills with analytical and product development have helped in supporting our team and customers.


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