In Pursuit of the Perfect Coffee

FlavorActiV’s Marie Pohler Workshop at CO:LAB event

Off-note, taint and defect education provides vital knowledge throughout the supply chain to support our pursuit of the perfect coffee, but how do we ensure our tasting aptitude remains as high as the day we were trained and became qualified?

This week in Bucharest, FlavorActiV’s Marie Pohler led a series of workshops and gave a presentation to delegates at The Barista Guild of Europe’s three day CO:LAB event.

Marie’s presentation demonstrated how trained professional tasting panels across multiple beverage sectors regularly harness the power of calibration tools and software to both enhance and maintain their knowledge and abilities over time. In a hands-on session of blind tasting tests with a selection of GMP flavour references, Marie showed how over 40,000 sensory professionals regularly put themselves to the test to ensure they remain masters of their craft.

To discover more about current trends in beverage quality control, how to best utilise an effectively trained sensory panel and discover some of the common technology and panel calibration tools used by beverage brand owners to ensure their sensory QC panels are optimised, contact FlavorActiV via, +44(0)1844 396113 or

FlavorActiV’s Marie Pohler

June 1, 2018



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