With over 20 years of beer sensory experience, we are committed to promoting good sensory practises across the whole beverage industry. Our team of expert taster trainers, supported by consultant beverage experts, are combining their years of insider experience with advanced human calibration tools, tailored sensory programmes and instruments to give unparalleled sensory support.

Identify actionable areas for improvement throughout the brewing process with the Micro ESR and FlavorActiV's Beer Freshness Package.

Optimising Beer Freshness

We believe sensory excellence is achieved when the analytical computing power of an optimised instrument is combined with the skill and knowledge of a trained tasting panel.

We’ve seen first-hand how issues with beer freshness can impact global brands, potentially damaging brand reputation and value. That’s why we developed the Beer Freshness Package; the only method of measuring how materials, process design and operations can damage or optimise beer freshness from brewhouse into packaging.

FlavorActiV trains and calibrates tasters the world over using GMP Flavour Standards combined with proprietary proficiency software in use by thousands every day. Combining these taste panel skills with the EPR capabilities of the Beer Freshness Package allows brand owners to predict their beer freshness far more accurately.

Through our Beer Freshness Package, we can provide best in class flavour stability services that optimise shelf life with timely, accurate and actionable data.

Whether you are looking to optimise the beer freshness profile of an existing product, or improve a new product before launch, we have you covered. Our Beer Freshness Package is designed to give you the complete picture of beer freshness from brewhouse through to packaging.

Scan to view size in AR Point your mobile device camera at the QR code below to view the dimensions of the microESR with Autosampler in augmented reality and see how the full setup can fit your space.

Micro ESR

Identify actionable areas for improvement in the brewing process to ensure your beer stays fresher for longer.

Enhancing flavour stability involves optimising the positives and minimising the negatives throughout the brewing process. Micro ESR is an integral tool to achieve this with its customised software providing rapid results.

The Micro ESR lag-time analyser provides a dedicated measure of the EPR oxidation profile of a beer.It measures the oxidation staling of a beer that occurs during storage or via trace amounts of transition metals such as iron or copper that will catalyse the conversion of molecular oxygen to what are known as ‘reactive oxygen species’ (ROS). One such ROS is the hydroxyl free radicals. Beer derived from free radicals reacts further creating a chain reaction that results in carbonyl end products such as aldehydes and ketone’s that give rise to ‘cardboard like’ flavour in stale beer.

Antioxidants in beer help them to resist free radical oxidation and although oxidation is inevitable over time, it can be minimised by optimising brewing operations and storage conditions to provide maximum antioxidant content in packaged beer.

The EPR oxidation profile provides an analytical measure for evaluating the overall antioxidant status of a beer at each stage of the brewing process and provides a useful prediction of the shelf life of a finished beer before it goes through costly packaging and distribution.

Micro ESR boasts fully automated sample handling with up to 20 samples per analysis, unattended data acquisition, automatic lag time calculation and software that’s easy to use. On site training is provided together with performance optimisation and aligning of both sensory and analytical functions.

The new Micro ESR is a modern replacement for the original Escan instrument. As well as having a far smaller footprint, the Escan replacement is supported by installation, application training, customised reagents, GMP Flavour Standards and tech support from FlavorActiV’s multi-lingual flavour stability experts and local engineers.

Bruker - Our Technology Partner

For over twenty years FlavorActiV has directly supported the global beverage industry. Having begun within the beer sector, FlavorActiV now works with 9 out of 10 of the World’s largest beverage brands, with 4000+ sites supported globally and 70,000+ tasters using FlavorActiVs proprietary taster software every month. It is a continual pursuit of excellence that led FlavorActiV to partner with Bruker, in the application of EPR technology for beer freshness and the development of The Beer Freshness Package. Through a joint belief in the importance of considered innovation and a determined focus on delivering quality that surpasses the typical industry standard, we endeavour to set a new benchmark in both flavour stability and beer freshness. The combination of FlavorActiV’s vast brewing knowledge, global reach, and highly capable team with the customised, state-of-the-art equipment of Bruker has culminated in the co-creation of a unique all-encompassing Beer Freshness Package, offered exclusively by FlavorActiV.


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