Marie Pohler



Marie Pohler

I hold a double degree in Economics and Psychology from The Ohio State University, USA. I started working at FlavorActiV in 2009 and have gone through a series of role change. I worked as a sensory manager, then key account director for 7 years until I moved into my commercial director role in 2018. My days at FlavorActiV keep me very busy in overseeing the divisions of marketing, finance, business support & proficiency management as well as some key account management responsibilities. That said, I am fortunate enough to be supported by a very capable team. In addition to my work at FlavorActiV, I also co-chair a sensory committee at ISBT ( International Society of Beverage Technologists ) as well as their BevTech Europe planning committee. Although I was born in Taiwan, I have spent 2/3 of my life living in the US and the UK. When I’m not working, I enjoy travelling, meeting people of different cultures, Asian & fusion cooking, country walks, Jazz, Yoga and exploring food & drinks pairing with friends and families.


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