We’re Presenting at Sensory Summit 2019

The Coffee Roasters Guild’s Sensory Summit

On 24th-26th January 2019 our Technical Director Dale Smith will be heading to UC Davis in California for The Coffee Roasters Guild’s Sensory Summit.

He’ll be presenting alongside Spencer Turer Vice President at our North America coffee partner Coffee Enterprises. The presentation entitled ‘Exploring Flavor Chemistry in Coffee Defects & Comparing Tastes Between Coffee & Other Beverages’ will explore the world of flavor and how human sensory perception of it is used as a quality control system within the beverage and coffee industry. Common topics to be discussed relate to the control and standardisation of sensory perception, via training, reference materials and calibration systems, as well as the use of sensory panels within the beverage industry with examples of common flavors and defects experienced. The session will explore common defects in coffee, and understand their chemical origins and ways to identify them, along with exercises in identification and understanding.

Dale Smith is FlavorActiV’s Technical Director, responsible for all sensory products, GMP Flavour Standards, systems and development. Dale’s prior background is in product development for the forensic market – nanotechnology based fingerprint powders – and as a Forensic Scientist in the United Kingdom. Specialising as a Fingerprint Development Expert and in the analysis of drugs of abuse.

Spencer Turer is vice president of Coffee Enterprises, a coffee & tea testing laboratory and consulting business in Vermont. He earned degrees in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management from Johnson & Wales University. Turer is a founding member of the Roasters Guild, a licensed Q grader, received the SCAA Outstanding Contributor to the Association Award, and earned the SCA Coffee Diploma. He is a respected writer and technical editor for industry publications and is an active volunteer for the Specialty Coffee Association and the National Coffee Association USA.

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January 7, 2019



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