Freshness Webinar Collaboration with Bruker

Freshness Webinar Collaboration with Bruker

We’d like to thank everyone who registered their interest in our webinar event in collaboration with Bruker, and joined us live on the day! We were overwhelmed with the response, positive feedback and level of engagement we received.

About the Webinar

‘Improving Beer Freshness Using the Application of ESR Technology in Breweries’ hosted by Bruker, with FlavorActiV CEO and Brewmaster, Richard Boughton speaking. We explored the impact of beer freshness on the market and use of ESR technology to monitor freshness, drinkability and consistency.

Producing fresher beer is always highly desirable for brewers and consumers alike. With the increasing level of competition amongst beer brands, the importance of brewing fresher beer has never been greater. We covered how to measure and improve beer freshness using the application of ESR technology throughout the production process.

Viewers gained a greater understanding of beer freshness, and the importance of measuring its performance across the beer industry. We hope you know more about ESR technology and how it can help extend the shelf-life of beer. Many were particularly interested in discovering new generation microESR instruments and the impact they’re having on maximising beer freshness, drinkability and consistency in today’s market.


Over 220 participants joined from 57 countries which shows the level of interest in this area. We look forward to connecting with over 60% of the audience who were interested in receiving more details. The world’s biggest brands took part in the session with huge engagement and lots of questions asked towards the end.

With Beer Freshness and ESR Technology front of mind at the moment, we look forward to hosting many more events like this to specific brands, regions or even different languages using our multi-lingual sensory specialist team.

The event was rated as ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Useful’ by the vast majority of audience. Don’t miss our next webinar by following our social media channels (@FlavorActiV) and signing up to our newsletter to stay in touch.

May 26, 2021



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