Festive desk competition raises £600 for charity

Festive Desk Display Challenge

Last month, the FlavorActiV global team embarked on a Festive Desk Display Challenge to raise money for local charities. In total £600 would be donated, with the winner’s chosen charity receiving £300, runner up £200 and 3rd place £100! This gave the prize winners an opportunity to help their local community and support a charity that’s important to them personally.

The challenge was met with huge enthusiasm, and as participation increased, so did the standard of entries received. The variety of styles, themes and colours on display portrayed the different backgrounds and cultures we have within the team. We’d like to thank everyone who entered, but after all votes were counted there could only be one winner…

Festive Desk Display Challenge 1st place – Dr Katia Jorge

1st place – Dr Katia Jorge. Congratulations! We loved the use of lights and candles on display here to create a mellow Christmas setting.

Katia will be donating to a project called ‘Bem da Madrugada’, which started 10 years ago in São Paulo/Brazil. After 4 homeless people died due to the winter conditions, 4 friends started to deliver food, beverages, clothes and blankets to help homeless people. Last year they had 700 volunteers at Christmas time, helping to deliver more than 1000 kits in the Downtown of São Paulo.

Today the project is a non-government organization (NGO) and volunteers work every 15 days in São Paulo, delivering more than 400 kits per night with water, juice, sandwich, sweets, toilet paper, soap/shampoo, blankets and more. In addition to this, they have projects to help homeless people including “Doctor on the Streets”, where doctors attend with medicines, examining and checking. “Veterinarian on the Streets” to help check up on homeless people’s dogs and cats, and “Judiciary on the Streets” to help people get away from streets.

Bem da Madruagada is now attending homeless people in more than 40 cities in Brazil, including international cities like Las Vegas, Buenos Aires and Dublin. With more than 4,000 engaged volunteers, they care for over 40,000 homeless people. They now have more than 50 top leaders in São Paulo for operations, procurement, and business organisation.

We’re proud to say our very own Leandro Fedele, Sensory Manager for Americas, started volunteering 3 years ago. He spent 2 years as an Operations Leader, and is now the ambassador of the Bem da Madruagada for Cotia/São Paulo.

Instagram: @bem_da_madrugada

Festive Desk Display Challenge1 2nd Winner - Joyce Oliveira

2nd place – Joyce Oliveira, well done! A colourful biophilic design with hanging stockings to celebrate health, peace and love.

Joyce has chosen a social organisation that works with the socialisation of homeless people and where they learn the art of toasting coffee. Last year, we did training there and it was very gratifying to get to know this project up close.

Instagram: @solarfides.

Festive Desk Display Challenge 3rd Winner - Nina Zviadadze

3rd place – Nina Zviadadze, a frosty winter wonderland setting to match the décor and muted colours of the room.

Nina has chosen a Georgian Fund organisation, called სოლიდარობის ფონდი / Solidarity Fund – / @solidarobisfondi

In 2013, the Georgian government increased the budget of the healthcare sector almost unprecedentedly in the conditions of a socially oriented budget. Today, every citizen of Georgia is guaranteed a universal health care program package and more than 80% of the beneficiaries are satisfied with the services provided by the universal health care program.

However, in parallel with these achievements, a number of expensive medical interventions remained, which could not be fully covered by the existing state resources. For example, in the case of confirmed medical evidence, expensive bone marrow transplantation and / or radiation therapy for cancer patients abroad were still associated with significant financial barriers for paediatric patients.

In specific cases, the patient’s family members, friends, and NGOs came together for the possible mobilisation of funds. To date, there has been no single platform to provide systematic mobilisation of resources, assistance to all potential beneficiaries facing costly medical or other social needs, transparent administration of funds raised, and regular reporting to the public. The purpose of the fund is to support children and families living in Georgia who are particularly vulnerable or at risk of catastrophic social costs.

Congratulations to all that took part, especially the winners and runners up, who have chosen very worthy causes! We look forward to further charitable events in 2021, including supporting our charity partner Fifth Sense.

Enjoy some of the close contenders below…

January 6, 2021



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