Anosmia Awareness Day 2021

Anosmia Awareness Day

Founded in 2012, #AnosmiaAwarenessDay has been a staple in the FlavorActiV calendar for many years, and 2021 is no different. We are once again collaborating with our charity partner Fifth Sense to help raise awareness and provide support for people with smell and taste disorders. Anosmia is the loss of smell, frequently caused by a cold or flu, but has been a hot topic in recent times due to the Covid-19 pandemic – it’s been considered that the loss of smell or taste is one of the first symptoms to be noticed.

Anosmia Awareness Day - Fifth Sense

About Fifth Sense and how they can support

Founded in 2012 by Duncan Boak, it was the first charity in the UK supporting smell and taste sufferers and has rapidly grown ever since. They are now supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, and provide some essential resources to help support individuals and organisations such as:

• Covid-19 Smell Testing – guidance on screening and testing smell ability for individuals and organisations.
Smell Training Self Test – helps establish your baseline ability to smell before you start training .
Smell Training Diary Log – a handy diary to log your smell training, establish learnings and record progress.
• Smell Training Using What You Have – guidance on how to smell train using things you have at home.
• Smell Training using Essential Oils – Guidelines on how to smell train using essential oils
• Video: ‘How to Smell Train At Home’ –

Show your support by participating in the campaigns below, or making a donation here

Smelly Sneaker Challenge

When we heard this fantastic concept put together by the Fifth Sense team we were delighted to collaborate with them on it. A great way to raise awareness of anosmia, but also have some fun along the way.

Whether you suffer from a sense of smell or just want to give your sneaker a whiff we’d love for you to engage with @fifthsenseuk and @flavoractiv on social media.

Smelly Sneaker Challenge - FlavorActiV and Fifth Sense Partnership

FlavorActiV and Fifth Sense Partnership

A strategic partnership that dates back to 2015, we see Fifth Sense as an extension of FlavorActiV with a shared passion and ethos for helping people suffering with the loss of taste or smell.

As well as fundraising, events and research, we have also developed a take-home Taste Kit, allowing members to test their ability to identify the 4 basic tastes. For more information on how we have supported Fifth Sense charity visit –

February 26, 2021



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