Grainy Beer Flavour Standard

Grainy (2-methyl propionaldehyde)

Grainy can be perceived as a green malt character or a harsh mouthfeel in beer. Grainy is one of the more subtle flavours that can occur in beer, it is easily masked by more overpowering flavours and sensory panellists find this challenging.

2-methyl propionaldehyde is imparted to beer via the use of barley malt and is generally controlled by sparging and wort boiling practices. It is also associated with the use of malts that have not been stored for long enough before use.

Grainy is generally considered an undesirable character but in some beers it is normal for it to be present at low levels.

We recommend that intermediate to advanced tasters train with this flavour due to it’s challenging perception in beer.

Our Grainy Beer Flavour Standard is available in blister packs of 5 capsules.

To train with this flavour swirl the sample glass to release the aroma and take short sniffs while holding the nose. Take a mouthful of the sample and you should be able to detect a subtle harshness.


In addition to 2-methyl propionaldehyde, other aldehyde’s contribute to the grainy flavour of beer.

GMP Flavour Standards

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Associated terms

  • Green malt character
  • Green
  • Harsh


  • Gas Chromatography

Typical concentration in beer

Approximate flavour threshold

  • Approximately 10 µg/l

Beer flavour wheel number

  • 0310
BFS Promo Grainy

BFS Promo Grainy

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