Ethyl Butyrate Beer Flavour Standard

Ethyl Butyrate (ethyl butanoate)

Ethyl Butyrate is perceived as a tropical fruit, tutti fruity, mango or pineapple flavour. One of the ester flavours found in most beers, it can also be perceived as a slightly cheesy fruit flavour. Ethyl Butyrate generally occurs in beers due to fermentation and too much is normally considered an off flavour.

Ethyl Butyrate can also be introduced into beers due to poor brewhouse hygiene as worts can end up containing butyric acid and enhances the production of this flavour.

This flavour although common is more prominent in some beers than others, we recommend that all beer sensory panelists are trained in this flavour. However regular training is dependant on whether this is a common problem in your specific brewery.

Our Ethyl Butyrate is available in blister packs of 5 capsules.

To train with this flavour cover the beer sample glass with your and and swirl the glass to release the aroma. Remove your hand and take a single long sniff.


Ethyl butyrate is one of a range of butyrate esters found in beer. Such flavours are important in defining the character of several major lager beer brands.

GMP Flavour Standards

FlavorActiV’s GMP Flavour Standards use the pharmaceutical industry’s quality standards known as GMP – the ultimate in human consumption quality levels. All of our GMP Flavour Standards are manufactured in our dedicated GMP Flavour Centre located in the UK. Our GMP Flavour Centre was purpose built from the ground up to produce Flavour Standards of the highest quality levels. Our GMP Flavour Centre is the only one of its kind in the world and produces flavour standard material for use globally. Only GMP Flavour Standards provide sufficient quality for professional sensory panels to train and validate with. Learn more here.

Associated terms

  • Tropical fruits
  • Mango
  • Tinned pineapple


  • Gas Chromatography

Typical concentration in beer

  • 0.05 - 0.25 mg/l

Approximate flavour threshold

  • 0.4 mg/l

Beer flavour wheel number

  • Not yet assigned (within 0130 phenolic flavour category).

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