Chlorophenol Beer Flavour Standard

Chlorophenol (2,6-dichlorophenol)

Chlorophenol is perceived as a mouthwash, antiseptic, medicinal or a hospital like flavour. Imparted to beer by the external contamination of either brewing raw materials or packaging materials with chlorinated phenols. This is generally due to poor rinsing processes within the brewery during the cleaning phase. This means that raw materials or beer becomes introduced to chlorophenols and will become tainted. This problem can also occur in beer delivery lines if they haven’t been rinsed correctly.

This taint is highly noticeable to consumers due to its strong medical and chemical like taste. It is also a high incidence problem that should be easily identified during sensory quality control of beer in the brewery. As such we recommend that all sensory panellists are trained with our Chlorophenol Beer Flavour Standard.

Our Chlorophenol Beer Flavour Standard is available in blister packs of 5 capsules.

To train with this flavour swill the sample glass to release the aroma. Take short sniffs while holding the beer near the nose. A chemical or medicanal flavour will be noticeable.


Chlorophenol taints can be caused by several chlorinated phenols, of which 2,6-dichlorophenol is one. Exposure to chlorinated phenols increases sensitivity to them, expect sensory panels to become better at detecting this taint at lower levels.

GMP Flavour Standards

FlavorActiV’s GMP Flavour Standards use the pharmaceutical industry’s quality standards known as GMP – the ultimate in human consumption quality levels. All of our GMP Flavour Standards are manufactured in our dedicated GMP Flavour Centre located in the UK. Our GMP Flavour Centre was purpose built from the ground up to produce Flavour Standards of the highest quality levels. Our GMP Flavour Centre is the only one of its kind in the world and produces flavour standard material for use globally. Only GMP Flavour Standards provide sufficient quality for professional sensory panels to train and validate with. Learn more here.


Associated terms

  • Mouthwash
  • Antiseptic
  • Hospital-like


  • Gas Chromatography
  • Colorimetric assay

Typical concentration in beer

  • Not detected in normal beer.

Approximate flavour threshold

  • 5 µg/l

Beer flavour wheel number

  • 0504
BFS Promo Chlorophenol

BFS Promo Chlorophenol

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