Almond Beer Flavour Standard

Almond (benzaldehyde)

Almond is a bitter almonds, marzipan, or cherrystone like flavour that can occur in beers. Our Almond Beer Flavour Standard is Benzaldehyde and can be an off flavour in beer due to aging and oxidation effects.

Common aging problems producing these off-flavours in beer are related to storage conditions. Beer stored for a long time can begin to form benzaldehyde flavours. Almond is an impact flavour in some fruit beers, it skews their flavour profile enough so that consumers will notice a change in the product.

Benzaldehyde is also a carry over flavour that can be introduced by the production of other beverages. Brewers bottling other beverages can accidentally introduce this off-flavour if they haven’t fully cleaned their lines during the bottling changeover processes. This is most common for brewers bottling fruit and some cherry flavoured beverages.

Our Almond Flavour Standard is available in blister packs of 5 capsules and is recommended for intermediate sensory panellists in training or if you are producing fruit beers.

To taste this flavour cover the sample glass with the your hand and swill the glass, this will release the aroma into the headspace of the glass. Remove your hand and take a single long sniff. you should be able to discern the flavour.


Almond is a recommended flavour standard of ASBC and the EBC.

GMP Flavour Standards

FlavorActiV’s GMP Flavour Standards use the pharmaceutical industry’s quality standards known as GMP – the ultimate in human consumption quality levels. All of our GMP Flavour Standards are manufactured in our dedicated GMP Flavour Centre located in the UK. Our GMP Flavour Centre was purpose built from the ground up to produce Flavour Standards of the highest quality levels. Our GMP Flavour Centre is the only one of its kind in the world and produces flavour standard material for use globally. Only GMP Flavour Standards provide sufficient quality for professional sensory panels to train and validate with. Learn more here.

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Associated terms

  • Marzipan
  • Bitter almonds


  • Gas Chromatography
  • High performance Liquid Chromatography

Typical concentration in beer

  • 1 - 10 µg/l

Approximate flavour threshold

  • 1 mg/l

Beer flavour wheel number

  • 0224
BFS Promo Almond

BFS Promo Almond

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