How to use GMP Water Flavour Standards

Step by step guide to using GMP Water Flavour Standards

Quick, Convenient and Effective to Use

Each GMP Water Flavour Standard comes in a pre-set concentration within a capsule. All you need to do is to simply pour the contents into a volume of water. One capsule provides three times the flavour threshold when added to one litre of water. There’s now no need to spend time producing chemicals in a sensory lab or to measure them out in a liquid form into your water.
Each GMP flavour standard in our range is provided in a pharmaceutical blister pack that improves upon the stability and quality of our products. Simple, easy to use and stable to store, our blister packs keep each GMP flavour standard fresh compared to traditional pot packaging types where use over time exposes all the remaining flavour standards to moisture and other contaminants.



To Use 

Just push out the GMP flavour standard you need through the foil seal and the capsule is ready to use.

Open the capsule by holding each end and twisting and pulling at the same time. Pour into 200 ml of water and swirl to release the flavour, top up to 1 litre with additional water to produce the correct training concentration. You can increase or decrease the concentration by adding more or less water.

The empty capsule can be thrown into normal waste and any excess water after tasting can be normally disposed of.

When you’ve used up the entire pack you can re-cycle the cardboard part by pulling apart the card and disposing of it with accordance to your local re-cycling regulations.


GMP Water Flavour standards might be robust enough to withstand shipping worldwide however GMP flavour standards are best stored under these conditions.

  • Keep them in the dark
  • Don’t crush the packs – you may damage the contents or release the capsules before you need them
  • Keep the packs away from the damp, strong odours or flavours
  • Keep them dry – even though the capsules are sealed in individual blisters exposure to high humidity and water could degrade the flavour standards
  • Keep them cool, but not too cool – we recommend 20 degrees Celsius, please keep our standards out of the fridge – the cold can make the capsules brittle.
  • Check the expiry date – our capsules have a shelf life, past that time and it may effect the flavour that your tasters are being trained or validated on. Use our online order form to get hold of some replacements or call us. We’ll be happy to help!