Global Sensory Manager – Cilene Saorin

Cilene Saorin is an Associate Global Sensory Manager based in São Paul who delivers taster management training to our Brazilian customers. A graduate food engineer and specializing in marketing, she also graduated in Spain from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta as a brewmaster, and she became a beer sommelier from the Doemens Akademie in Germany.

She has more than 18 years professional experience, having worked in beer production, supplier development, brewing research, and as a beer tasting specialist to some of the world’s major brewing companies. She has worked for Brahma, Petrópolis, Antarctica and AmBev in Brazil before joining FlavorActiV as a Taster Management Adviser (2001-2006). Currently she works in consulting as brewmaster and beer sommelier through her own company.

Since 2002 she has worked as a teacher of ‘Sensory Management in the Brewing Industry’ in the Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta. She is Education Director for Doemens Akademie in Brazil to the ‘Beer Sommelier Professional Course’, and a professional beer taster judge at the World Beer Cup in the United States and the European Beer Star in Germany. She joined the Associação Brasileira dos Profissionais em Cerveja e Malte (COBRACEM) team in 1999, and became president in 2004.


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